***For Dance Year 2023-2024*** MUST BE READ COMPLETELY

Registration, Payment & Tuition

There is a once per year non-refundable registration fee of $55 per student or $65 per family.

FALL - Registration Fee and August tuition in full is due when classes are approved and will be charged to the card on file. If there is no card on file you must drop off cash or check payment when classes are approved. You can mark your account for automatic billing at any time.

TUITION IS NOT ALTERED FOR MISSED CLASSES. Please keep absences to a minimum. You may schedule makeups through the front desk (no makeups After May 1 due to recital work). B&W RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE PARTICIPATION IN THE RECITAL FOR EXCESSIVE ABSENCES. Only dancers who will be performing in the recital are permitted to participate in the dress rehearsal.

Tuition is one YEARLY FEE broken into 10 equal payments (August through May) for your convenience. It will not be raised for 5-week months or lowered for less than 4-week months or holidays closings. Tuition is considered late after the first of the month and a $15 late fee will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Tuition that is more than one month late may result in dancer not being permitted to return to class until paid. Accounts must be totally paid in full to participate in recital and competitions. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN ONCE A MONTH HAS BEGUN.

B&W reserves the right to change a class level for any student who is unable to participate at the level of the class they are registered in. Barton & Williams reserves the right to dismiss any student whose behavior is found to be a detriment to the class.

Dates, Fees & Weather Closings

Recital costumes - Due December 1:

$70 per class for children 7 years & under, $75 per class for dancers 8+ years old

Recital fee - Due April 1: $90 per student ($45 each additional student in the same family). 

**We regret having to raise these fees, but in addition to costume companies raising their prices, our rental fee for the school for recital was raised more than $1000 this past year over what we had paid the last few years.

Late fee (after the 15th of the month): $15

Returned check fee: $25

First day of classes: August 14, 2023

WEATHER CLOSINGS - We will send out studio-wide texts when closed for snow/inclement weather as well as post on our Facebook page. Please make sure your account phone number is receiving texts and be sure to follow us on social media! We don't always follow SCPS closings so please check before heading out! To sign up for texts: Text START to (540) 340-6827.