Parking Lot Safety


 NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME BETWEEN THE BUILDINGS FOR ANY REASON  Pull straight through buildings and all the way around our studio to drop off at THE FRONT DOOR for all classes. Parents of younger dancers need to meet them at the studio door after class.  Please do not have your dancers meet you outside unless you are right in front of the front door. No dancers should be walking around the building in the parking lot. If your dancer doesn’t come right out, please circle the building again to allow others to exit.  For safety, please yield to incoming cars as you exit/circle building.  For traffic flow please do not parallel park on the side or behind the building and don’t block the exit to Neibaur’s lot.  If possible, avoid parking behind Stafford Smiles during their business hours.  ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING OR PARKING IN FRONT OF THE STAFFORD SMILES BUILDING.  Please be patient with all of our teen drivers.  Studio closes at 9:30pm Monday – Friday and at 4:30PM on Saturdays – Please do not be late to pick up your dancer!